Wow, so i have no idea how this generator for random bg pictures works here, but still i was glad to see this one!

Also yeah i’m russian *sobs*



I never post these things tumblr sents to my email but happy birthday to my tumblr!! Yay!! I made my own cupcake =)

I’ve been wanting to make a giveaway and I think this is a good chance. I might make another one when I reach 10k followers. Thank you so much for following my work sending me asks, notes and just being great! I appreciate it deeply ♥


♥Rules: For 24 hs starting now, anyone who reblogs or comment or likes this post will enter in the giveaway. You have to be following me. You can like, reblog and comment and get 3 chances. Please don’t reblog more than 2 times.

♥Prize: An american shot commission from me of any character the winner wants.

♥How many winners?: Depending on how many of you enter I’ll add more winners but for now just one winner =)

♥How will the winner be determined?: By a random number generator, 

I’ll announce the winners in the next week since I’ve to compilate the names and such!

♥Deadline: The participation will be only for today Saturday 11th  6:00 pm (GMT-2) till Sunday 12th 6:00 pm (GMT-2).

Last 5 hours!!

OFF (by Mortis Ghost). This work is a fan-art only.


holy cheetos karkat is smiling



Hoookay, so I’m nearing 10k followers and I thought it would be a good idea to celebrate! So here you go, a giveaway!

There will be one winner who gets to pick one zodiac bottle necklace and will get matching earrings (or ring, if they don’t have their ears pierced)!


- gotta follow me. None of this “this is for my followers” stuff. This is for everyone and I just like followers :’D You can follow my personal too if you like, but that won’t count as an entry or anything, just putting it out there.

- both likes and reblogs count, as many as you want.

- no giveaway blogs please, that’s not entirely fair to others.

- leave this text here so others know what it’s about!

- I will ship anywhere

- have your ask box open and reply within a week if you get picked, otherwise I will have to pick someone else :/

- deadline: January 1st

That being done, good luck!

The necklaces, as well as everything else in my shop, are handmade, so if you don’t want to wait for so long, you can go on and buy them here!

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Via Judgmental Shrek


pixel Beta Kids in their rooms!

took me while but it was totally worth it ::D


Via Inc Nest


Friends forever


Now Alphas in their rooms! :::D Betas

I drew lil cal looking away, i hope you guys are fine w/ that little change

(he’s really fre

Via Inc Nest


drawn as sort of a stress relief
I really like all of the beta kids lands <3

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